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Ever since the beginning of time, top interior design trends of 2022 has played a significant role in our lives. We can see that in our past if we look at Chinese Feng Shui or Japanese Wabi-Sabi. These practices and many others have taught us how to style our homes so that they match not only our energy but also the energy of the current age.

A living room

We learned from them that how our homes look (and feel) directly affects our mood, our health, and overall well-being. Thus, it comes as no surprise that in today’s day and age, we also have many different interior design trends that are focused on making us feel good while also making our homes look good. And that will be our topic of the day. Today, we will talk about some of the top interior design trends of 2022.

Top Interior Design Trends in 2022

Brown is the New Pastel 

If you were into top interior design trends of the last couple of years, you have probably noticed that everything revolved around pastels. Pastel versions of pink, yellow, green, blue, etc., were everything. And, now, these colors are being replaced with browns – chocolate brown, beige, caramels, and camels.

All of those browns are back! Believe it or not, they are more ‘in’ than they were in the ’70s. But, this design trend is far different from the one that was popular 50 years ago. Namely, in the past, browns were paired with oranges, for example. And today, they are paired both with elegant neutrals and statement bolds.

For an elegant look, interior designers pair browns with whites, as this is something that goes well with every room. Moreover, this goes well with bedrooms as this combination proved to be one of the best bedroom colors for sleep. In addition, designers also pair browns with bold colors such as dark blue – they use dark colors to be accents and light browns to be the base of the room.

A brown couch
Whichever brown piece you choose for your home, you will not go wrong, as brown happens to be one of the top interior design trends of 2022

Nature-inspired Surfaces, Materials, and Objects 

If the last two years (two years of the global pandemic and all the lockdowns) have taught us anything is that we need to reconnect with nature. The majority of us, while we were forced to stay inside, thought about how amazing it would be to have just a little piece of nature by our side. The lucky ones did have it had a yard, a patio, a terrace, etc. But, the unlucky ones turned to another top interior design trend – nature-inspired surfaces, materials, and objects.

In other words, people started loving everything nature-like. For instance, some people used swirling marble and sparkling crystals while others turned to old-fashioned and raw stone and wood.

Moreover, more and more supporters of this trend started liking interior objects that mimic nature and all its flora and fauna. So, we have furniture with mushroom silhouettes, brick on the walls and floors, etc.

Of course, renovating your home with these ‘natural’ materials is quite expensive. But, there are always alternatives. Any space can be naturally transformed with less costly substitutes. You just have to be resourceful when renovating your home on a budget and find affordable ways to upgrade it – something that all top interior design trends have in common.

Dual-Purpose Rooms

As previously mentioned, the coronavirus has forced us to spend all of our free time inside. But that was not all – it also forced us to learn how to work and study from home. Moreover, some people are also forced to learn how to do their hobbies at home and entertain their children (and even pets) from home. All of this brought another trend to us – dual-purpose rooms.

Dual-purpose rooms are definitely one of the top interior design trends of 2022. We can see that in living rooms that have been turned into offices, bedrooms that have been turned into gyms, dining rooms that have been turned into daycares, etc. The list can go on and on.

It is also important to mention that this trend brought with it another trend – the use of dual-purpose furniture! People wanted to maximize the space in small homes, so they started buying furniture pieces with many functions. For instance, some of those pieces were folding desks and chairs, ottomans that served as tables, chairs, storage areas, etc.

top interior design trends in 2022
Having dual-purpose rooms may be one of the best and most useful trends.
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Smart Homes 

If you are into design, you have probably heard of that saying – ‘ With every new advance in technology, design continues to evolve.’ It is simple – people want their homes to be smarter, not look better, but to function better.

This trend existed before, and with it, we had solar panels, energy-efficient energy and water systems, security systems, smoke alerts, smart TVs and stereos, etc.

Nowadays, as engineers have started seeing all the benefits of artificial intelligence in the construction industry, we have homes entirely made of smart features. That is, we can control every aspect of our home with nothing more than our voice, our phone, or our remote.

A woman using her phone.
Having full control of our home is just a click away.

Vintage Accents 

One of the last but certainly not the least top interior design trends of 2022 is using vintage accents. No matter how old, vintage pieces will never go out of style. There is something so special about them that we always want to make them part of our homes. For some people, those pieces are family heirlooms, and, for others, they are pieces that make them remember a particular event or person from history.

Moreover, many designers claim that vintage accents, besides sentimentality, also bring warmth to every space. Usually, those are wooden objects, but objects made of stone, iron, or even different fabrics are not uncommon either.

Many other top interior design trends are popular this year, but we managed to mention only the most widespread ones today. Hopefully, this text helped you get inspired and feel ready to tackle the task of designing your home! Feel free to implement any of these top interior design trends of 2022 – it’s highly unlikely that you can go wrong.