Clogging of toilets can be a really bad start of the weekend, but now there is an easy way to cope with this headache by learning ‘How to Use a Toilet Auger’. Maybe this time you can think of giving the plumber a break from his usual lackluster duty by using Toilet Auger by Yourself.

how to use a toilet auger

First, you need to understand about toilet Auger before deep-diving into the topic of ‘how to use a toilet auger’.

What is Toilet Auger?

A toilet auger is a long tube which is about 3 feet long. The tube is made from metal and at the other end there is a core which helps in the drilling process. The core is of metal so that it can last long and cleaning is done effectively. The cable can be adjusted according to the required size so that the toilets can be cleaned without much problem.

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What Causes Toilet Clogging?

Toilet clogging are one of the hard core problems which arise in any home especially when there are kids in the home. Children mostly throw their toys and belongings anywhere they like and sometimes in toilets due to which the toilets get jammed. Moreover, a number of different objects can get accumulated in the drainage pipe and block the entire system. Even if nothing is stuck, clog might still develop due to the accumulation of mineral deposits on the walls of the pipes.

Most of the people call the plumbers to resolve this problem but with the help of toilet auger the home owners themselves can clear the clog which is stuck in it. Though plunger is excellent equipment which will serve the purpose but if you use the auger the work will be done quickly to get rid of the toilet clogs.

So, in order to unclog your toiler it’s important to learn how to use a toilet auger efficiently.

How to Use a Toilet Auger?

Below the are steps of how to use a toilet auger:

how to use a toilet auger

Hold the toiler auger tightly in your hands and position the cabled side of the auger towards the area of clogging. There is a bar on the holding end of the auger which has to be twisted in order to push the cable in the pipe of the toilet. Now as soon as the cable reaches the clogged part of the drain the bar on the other side has to be twisted but this time in the conflicting direction.

The prime cause behind the clogging of toilets is due to solids which don’t have much density and are easily compressible. Such solids get composed at one point and thus crowd together resulting in clogging of toilets. If in case toilet paper has clogged there then try pushing the cabled side of the auger to and fro into the drain in order to put pressure on the clogged region. There might be certain moments when there isn’t any substance present that could clog the drain so in such cases the finger is usually pointed towards the mineral and grease deposits which usually form in the walls of the building and have a potential of clogging the toilets.

Why Toilet Auger is the Best?

A toilet auger is perfect for toilet cleaning as it can be used to remove hair as well as toys. The best thing about auger is that it is able to attract the hard material towards itself and so you can bring it out. If the size of the object is too small you can rewind the cable so that it is able to pick the object from the drain or the toilet pipe. If there is paper or other objects in the pipe you can move the cable inside and outside to take the objects in the crank which can be later pushed out.

Best Toilet Auger Editor’s Pick

what is the best toilet auger

This toilet auger by RIDGID will help you clear away stubborn toilet clogs quickly and easily with minimum hassle. RIDGID has been supplying plumbing professionals since 1923 with tools they can trust. The large turning handle has been ergonomically designed, the flexible cable will not become kinked or knotted as it passes through your toilet trap way and the bulb shaped head is specially designed for clearing away both hard and soft clogs.

If you find that your toilet plunger is not up to the job, then its time to get hold of this professional plumbing tool and get your toilet back to working order.

Best Toilet Auger

  • Provides quick clearing of all types of toilet clogs
  • The J shaped section of the auger has a vinyl coating to protect the porcelain of your toilet
  • Durable, kink-resistant, 1/2-inch compression-wrapped inner core cable. At 3 feet in length this will pass through all the bends in your toilet trap way
  • Ergonomically designed large handles
  • Compatible with all toilets including water conservation toilets, low flow designs and dual flush models
  • Lifetime warranty covers you for any manufacturing defects.

As the red handle on the end of the auger is turned clockwise this extends the flexible cable pushing the bulb into the toilet trap way. The 3 foot cable is long enough to penetrate the entire trap way and clear away the clog. The vinyl coated section of the auger (see diagram) ensures that the finish on the porcelain of the toilet bowl is not scratched or damaged in any way.


So, how to use a toilet auger is not difficult anymore – isn’t it? The main sign of clogging of toilets is when water gets collected on the surface without making its way into the drain and in such cases a professional should be called up as the main line might be clogged. The best way to avoid the clogging of toilets is to routinely clean the toilets and in all the other cases Toilet Auger is the best option.