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  1. Beginning C Sharp Game Programming by Ron Penton
  2. C in Depth by Shrivadtava
  3. C Programming for Arduino by Julien Bayle
  4. C Sharp in Depth 2nd Edition
  5. C Sharp in Depth 3rd Edition
  6. C Sharp Programming Object-Oriented Programming
  7. Effective Modern Cpp 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of Cpp11 and 14
  8. Engineering Problem Solving With C Fourth Edition by Delores M. Etter
  9. Learn Cpp Programming Language
  10. Learn to Code with C Program with the Worlds most Popular Language
  11. Object-Oriented Programming with C pp 2nd edition
  12. Problem-Solving in Data Structures and Algorithms Using C First Edition by Hemant Jain
  13. Problem Solving in Data Structures and Algorithms Using CPLUS First Edition by Hemant Jain
  14. The ANSI C Programming Language
  15. The GNU C Library Reference Manual