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  1. Avoiding Claims in Building Design Risk Management by Malcolm Taylor
  2. Basics of Retaining Wall Design 8th Edition By Hugh Brooks
  3. Building Construction Handbook 8th Edition By R. Chudley
  4. Building Green by Anne Rademacher
  5. Building Smart Cities Analytics By Carol L. Stimmel
  6. Cementing Technology and Procedures
  7. Construction Business Development By Christopher N Preece
  8. Construction Contracts Law and Management 4th Edition By John Murdoch
  9. Construction Inspection Manual 8th Edition
  10. Cost Estimation of Structures in Commercial Buildings By Surinder Singh
  11. Design and Construction Building Value by Rick Bestand
  12. Fundamentals of Construction Estimating 3rd Edition by David J. Pratt
  13. Home Builders Guide to Continuous Improvement by Jack B. Revelle
  14. Housing the Future Alternative Approaches for Tomorrow Series Editor Graham Cairns
  15. Materials for Architects and Builders 5th Edition By Arthur Lyons
  16. Offshore Structures Design, Construction and Maintenance by Mohamed A. El-Reedy
  17. Tall Building Design Steel, Concrete and Composite Systems by Bungale S. Taranath
  18. The Engineers Manual of Construction Site Planning By Juri Sutt