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  1. Accelerated Bridge Construction
  2. Adjacent Construction Project Manual Office of Joint Development and Adjacent Construction
  3. Advanced Composites in Bridge Construction and Repair By Yail J Kim
  4. Blast-Resistant Highway Bridges Design and Detailing Guidelines
  5. Bridge Design and Evaluation LRFD and LRFR By Gongkang Fu
  6. Bridge Engineering Handbook Fundamentals 2nd Edition By Wai Fah Chen
  7. Bridge Engineering Seismic Design By Wai-Fah Chen Lian Duan
  8. Bridge Engineering Substructure Design By Lian Duan WF Chen
  9. Computational Analysis and Design of Bridge Structures by Chung C. Fu
  10. Effectiveness of Exterior Beam Rotation Prevention Systems for Bridge Deck Construction
  11. Engineering for Structural Stability in Bridge Construction
  12. Estimating in Heavy Construction Roads Bridges Tunnels Foundations By Dieter Jacob
  13. The Economy of Preventive Maintenance of Concrete Bridges
  14. Flood Scour for Bridges and Highways Prevention and Control of Soil Erosion
  15. Retooling Manufacturing Bridging Design, Materials, and Production
  16. Standard Specifications for Highway and Bridge Construction
  17. Sustainable Bridge Structures