Instant Black and Decker 40v Mower Review

Black & Decker CM1640 16-Inch deck, 40-Volt Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, 6 Adjustable Settings, 9.5 Gallon Grass bag, and Removable Battery.

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What’s in this Article?

It’s that time of year again, when you want to get out and start prettying up the garden, and a lovely lush green lawn is the perfect place to start.  Of course, having a suitable lawn mower is an essential piece of garden equipment, and so long as you choose wisely, it should serve you for many years to come!

black and decker 40v mower review


Lightweight, but powerful enough to mow a third of an acre, this Black and Decker cordless lawn mower is perfect for almost any mowing job you might have. People who are thinking of the environment love this mower because it doesn’t emit the fumes and pollute the atmosphere like the gas-guzzling mowers.

Plus, you won’t worry about waking up your neighbors if you decide to mow the grass early in the morning. This Black & Decker mower revs up with a turn of the key and a push of the button, and is surprising quiet to operate.  It couldn’t be easier to be up and on your way to one of the best grass-cutting experiences you’ve ever had.

This mower also comes with a two-year, limited warranty – and Black & Decker stands behind its products.

Get Insight of Black and Decker 40v Mower Review

1Does this mower suit your yard size?

If you’ve got a postage-stamp size yard, you won’t need this powerhouse of a mower, but if you have a normal to large sized yard you’ll love the way this Black and Decker Cordless electric mower trims your grass in no time at all – and with very little effort.

Weight only 38 pounds and sporting a 36.6 by 22.9 x 20.5-inch frame this mower isn’t small, but it is lightweight for its class. It’s a relatively compact size, so you shouldn’t have any problems fitting it into a storage shed or garage space.

black and decker electric lawn mower reviewsVIEW ON AMAZON

2What About Performance?

You’ll get a clean and even grass cut from this remarkable Black and Decker Electric Lawn Mower. It’s Self-Propelled, so next to riding mower – using this machine to cut your grass is almost effortless.

You can easily whip around trees and edging – and the blades use the latest cutting technology to ease through even the tallest grass and weeds. Those who have been through many lawn mowers in a lifetime know that power isn’t always the best thing to consider when purchasing a mower.

Performance is most important – especially when you have a difficult yard to mow. This Black & Decker beauty brings it all – power and performance, so it brings the best of both worlds to yard maintenance. The self-propelling feature of this mower and its design makes it easy for you to maneuver around even the most difficult to mow yards.

The drive wheels of this mower gradually slip into gear, giving you a slow beginning and then revving up to a more rapid speed when needed. The rear drive wheels also make it easier to go up an incline. You can connect and disconnect the drive wheels with a push of a button, making it easy to mow any problem spots your yard may present.

3Does it Handle Cuttings?

What your lawn mower does with yard cuttings is an important factor to figure in to a purchase of a lawn mower. This Black and Decker electric cordless mower reviews lets you push a button to switch from bagging cuttings to mulching them. You also have the option of a rear or side discharge.

black and decker cordless lawn mower reviewVIEW ON AMAZON

4What About Safety?

Safety is a big consideration when considering which type of lawn mower to purchase. This cordless electric, Black & Decker model has a number of safety features that are well thought out. There is no cord to get caught up in the mower blades and maneuvers easily around obstacles.

Easy to handle, this self-propelled mower won’t get away from you, and the rear drive wheels give it a slower start, so you won’t be startled by it taking off without you. There’s no gas or smoke to pollute the air – or your lungs.

5So What Does It Cost?

This Black & Decker electric mower isn’t the cheapest mower on the block, but if you’re interested in performance and low maintenance, you’ll overlook the price for its ability to cut through any mowing job in your yard quickly, quietly and easily.

There are less expensive mowers, but if you’re tired of the detrimental issues you face with mowers of less quality and are ready to move up, check out this Black and Decker Electric Mower.

6Features At a Glance

  • Size: Compact, but powerful, this Black & Decker mower delivers all the power you’d need for a normal sized yard, but is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Performance: You’ll be very pleased with the performance and abilities that this mower can bring to your yard cutting duties. You’ll be able to cut through grass and weeds, mulch or cut and be finished long before other mowers would be halfway through the job.
  • Cuttings: This Black & Decker mower gives you the ability to mulch or cut your grass and bag the cuttings from the rear or the side of the machine.
  • Safety: The safety features of this mower are a nice consideration. The only problem with some users has been the location of the safety button on the back.
  • Cost: Black & Decker has a wide range of mowers in a variety of prices. This mower may be a bit more expensive, but it delivers in quality and performance.

black & decker cordless lawn mower


OK… So What’s Wrong With This Mower?

Well it’s pretty difficult to find  a product with absolutely no complaints, particularly when there are so many customers who were prepared to leave a review.  You can’t please all the people all the time… as the saying goes.

Some complaints seem to focus around the life of the battery before needing to be recharged.

This is a difficult one, and I guess if there was a majority having issues with this, then it would be an obvious problem. There are a number of variables, that could impact on those who experienced problems… The possibility of a dudd…. The chances that they did not completely charge up the battery before using it for the first time… Their grass was way too long, and maybe even wet (this will drain the battery faster), to mention some examples.

How people use equipment can certainly impact on their effectiveness and while there were some complaints here, they were relatively few compared to all the people who had no such problems.

Some complained of it not being powerful enough, and that it would not cut efficiently.

Here again, if you mow when your grass is thick, long and damp then perhaps this is not the mower for you. It is not supposed to compete with an industrial type petrol mower. It is made for a specific type of purpose, and so long as that is the type of use you have for it, it should work very effectively.

One customer had the self-propelling mechanism break, however, they returned it without any issue getting a refund.

Despite the few people with issues, the vast majority were extremely happy with their purchase.



To sum it up, the Black and Decker 40v Mower Review (CM1640) 16inch deck, 40-Volt Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower With Removable Battery is a great Lawn Mower depending on your mowing requirements. It comes with a high rating and lots of great features. If you are looking for a  self-propelled, environmentally friendly lawn mower then this might just be the one  you are looking for!