Don’t Get Bit! Read our Best Indoor Mosquito Trap Reviews and get the perfect trap that’s right for you!

What’s In This Article?

Looking for the best indoor mosquito trap online? If yes, then your search for the mosquito trapper ends here. A lot of people think that mosquito repellent are not efficient enough to diminish the mosquito population in and around their home. This is the reason why mosquito trappers are a controversial product.

But, you need not worry. In this article, we have listed a few best mosquito trap indoor, which you can buy online, and also about how to use the mosquito killers.

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Black & Decker Bug Zapper is one of the top rated mosquito traps that runs on USB. This mosquito trapper is portable and very easy to use.

High Range: This mosquito trapper comes with a good range to trap the mosquitoes. This would be best mosquito trap for indoor.

Low Energy Consumption: This mosquito trapper utilizes very less power for operation. Hence, there is no worry of increase in power bills.

Easy Maintenance: The mesh box of this mosquito trapper is very easy to open and clean. It does not involve any complex process in cleaning the mesh.


Product NameImageKey FeaturesPrice
1. ThermaCELL 100% Safe Mosquito Trap Lanternindoor mosquito trapNo open flame, cordless design, lightweight, 100% safeCHECK PRICE
Thermacel Cambridge Best Indoor Mosquito Trapbest mosquito killerNo spray design, decorative, portable, 15 feet rangeCHECK PRICE
Black & Decker Electronic Bug Zapperbest indoor mosquito trapUV technology, 625 sft safe area, compact, hanging designCHECK PRICE
Mega Catch Best indoor mosquito killermosquito trap indoorArabic design, easy to clean, portable, 1/2 acre coverageCHECK PRICE
Living Well High Powered Bug Zapperuv fan mosquitoe machineUV Lantern, long-lasting, 1500 sft covered area, weatherproofCHECK PRICE
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Before deep diving into the topic, first you need to understand about best indoor mosquito trap and how it works.

What is Indoor Mosquito Trap?

The best indoor mosquito trap are the devices which are capable of killing the blood sucking mosquitoes by trapping them into the electrified field. Though there are many ways to eradicate the mosquitoes in-house like the use of mosquito sprays, pesticides, etc., they come with toxic chemicals that affect your health.

On the other hand, the best indoor mosquito killer will not release any harmful chemicals and helps you stay healthy. They have an edge over the harmful insecticides and other similar chemicals.

How Does a Best Indoor Mosquito Trap Work?

Best indoor mosquito traps work in a unique manner. The best mosquito killer always uses Octenol which can mimic our respiratory patterns. It produces Carbon dioxide from the device. Yes, you heard it right!! Emission of heat and release of carbon dioxide by humans are the only ways which help the blood sucking mosquitoes to locate us.

Mosquitoes only rely on the scent and heat detection to locate us. Mosquito trappers use this mimicking and make the mosquitoes believe it as a potential target. As soon as the mosquitoes fly near the trappers, they are trapped. The best mosquito trapper has a good suction mechanism to capture the mosquitoes even more efficiently.

Mosquito trapping devices uses a sticky lure to attract mosquitoes. The landing spots of mosquitoes are laced with this sticky substance. Once the mosquitoes land on to this sticky substance, they are held firmly in place, trapped and killed. Although this process of trapping mosquitoes might not be effective in the outdoors, it is very effective in trapping the mosquitoes indoor.

Apart from mimicking our respiratory patterns, the best mosquito trapper also uses certain fragrances that attract mosquitoes. This increases the effectiveness of trapping mosquitoes in the mosquito trapper.

One best part about the mosquito trapper is that they consume minimal power for operation. There are two types of mosquito trapper/killer available: One uses propane, and the other uses electricity.

A mosquito killer that uses propane works best in areas where there is no electricity. This improves the versatility of this product.

Mosquitoes are hard to avoid…

Get them before they get you!

Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide people exhale so if you breathe, you’re an attractive target for mosquitoes. Mosquito traps attract these flying pests by emitting carbon dioxide gas and similar lures. Once trapped, they die – and you can enjoy the indoors once again!

Before deep diving into the topic, first you need to understand about best indoor mosquito trap and how it works.

Is Mosquito Trapper Safe to Use?

Yes!!! The mosquito trapper mentioned below are safe to use. These best mosquito trappers are built in such a way that they do not harm bees and other insects like moths.

How to Choose Best Mosquito Trapper for Home?

If you are looking out for best indoor mosquito trap then you must go through this section. Without a proper information, it would be difficult to buy right mosquito trapper that fits your home needs. Picking up an ideal mosquito trap indoor that fits your home needs is quite achievable.

So, here are a few things to consider to pick the best mosquito trapper for your home:

Attracts different mosquitoes: Different species of mosquitoes are attracted to different fragrances. So, the best mosquito trap should be able to produce different fragrances to attract these mosquitoes.

Maintenance Factor: Choose the mosquito trappers that are easy to maintain. If it is a fuel-based mosquito trapper, then it is clear ‘NO’ sign of purchase, as it requires heavy maintenance. Go for the best mosquito trapper that utilizes less electricity for its performance.

Trap Location: Before you make a purchase, make sure where you would like to use the mosquito trapper (indoor or outdoor). Depending on the trap location the mosquito trapper performance also changes.

These are some of the tips to choose the best mosquito trapper that fits your home needs. Now, let’s see some of the best indoor mosquito trap reviews which are manufactured by the trusted brands worldwide.

List of top 5 Best Indoor Mosquito Trap

Best indoor mosquito trap

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The ThermaCELL Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Lantern works like a charm. Not only is it highly effective as a portable mosquito repellent, but it is very light, weighing less than a pound. It operates on a single butane cartride which heats a mat, releasing allethrin insecticide, creating a 15 x 15 zone of protection.

Each repellent mat will provide you up to four hours of protection from those pesky mosquitoes and other insects, and each butane cartridge will provide up to 12 hours of operation.

Uses eight LED lights with illumination settings, up to 98% effective against mosquitoes, black flies and other insects. Operates on three AA batteries which are not included in the buying package.

Overall, this is a quality (and affordable) portable mosquito trap and will serve you well, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without having to battle those mosquitoes.

What Customers Are Saying?

My uncle and I do a lot of hunting, and in the early bow season you just might get carried right out of your tree stand without some sort of mosquito repellent. We each bought the hand-held thermacells about two years ago and let me just say… THEY WORK!!”

indoor mosquito trap

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Looking for an effective, portable mosquito repellent appliance? You have to look no further than the ThermaCELL. This little gem is perfect for the outdoors-man who finds themselves burdened by mosquitoes. The great thing about this appliance is that you can enjoy the indoor as well as outdoors without having to spray any chemicals on your body. ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent provides 15 feet radius zone of protection and odor free (undetectable by animals) making it a great tool to use  if you are a hunter.

Not only is this a very effective mosquito repellent, but is a very affordable device. Don’t let the low price fool you, this is a great product.

What Customers Are Saying?

“After reading reviews about this one I decided to pick one up at Home Depot. When I brought it home, my back porch was swarming with mosquitoes. Within a minute I had it up and running. The instructions state that it takes 10-30 minutes to start working but within 5 minutes the mosquitoes were gone.”

Best mosquito trap reviews

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The Black & Decker Bug Zapper uses Single-Grid Technology with UV light to attract a wide range of light-sensitive flying insects. Uses no pesticides or poison and is made of tough, weather-resistant plastic for long-lasting use. It has an outer casing to keep children and pets from contacting the zapping grid.

While this is a very affordable mosquito/bug zapper it has a very low zapping power. You may find that it is not as efficient as you would want it to be and definitely does not stack up to some of its competitors. It will definitely do its job and kill a good deal of mosquitoes and other bugs, but it will have a high percentage of survivors. This would be best used to supplement a more powerful device or something to use if you are tight on cash, as it will at least help with the problem.

What Customers Are Saying?

“I had swarms of bugs circling around the zapper last night, but only a few still there. Most of the bugs were still hanging around the light this morning alive and well.”

best mosquito trap indoor

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A first choice among thousands of US households as the ultimate weapon against mosquitoes. Mega-Catch™ Ultra Mosquito Traps  provide exceptional and trouble free mosquito control for all situations.

The Mega catch ultra mosquito control MCU-800 trap can attract mosquitoes from as far away as 1/2 acre coverage

Mega catch mosquito trap incorporates all the sophisticated design features of the premier trap plus mega-catch’s patented variable quantity slow co2 gas release system to increase capture rates of most mosquito species by between 300 and 400%. %. The programmable system enables the ultra to duplicate a key feature of human respiration by slowly releasing small quantities of co2 into the air plume emanating from the base of the trap.

What Customers Are Saying?

“I’d seen Megacatch traps advertised in SkyMall and liked the fact that they don’t burn propane 24/7 like other mosquito traps, something I find really scarey with young children running around.”

uv fan mosquito trap

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The Living Well Bug Zapper mosquito eliminator‘s baiting system transforms clean-burning propane into CO2, mimicking the attractants that draw female mosquitoes to feed on human bodies, to attract mosquitoes into its trap

The Living Well Bug Zapper is one of the top-performing mosquito trap magnets on the market. Within days or weeks of operating around the clock, depending on the amount of mosquitoes in your area, you will notice a significant insect reduction within 1500 sft of your yard.

The Living Well Bug Zapper  is well engineered and assembles easily in minutes; no tools required. Measuring 30 x 40 x 30 inches and weighs 4 pounds. It’s quiet, odorless, child-safe, and presents no cords to trip over or get in the way of the lawn mower. A 1-year limited warranty is included.

Overall, this mosquito trap does a fine job, however there are maintenance costs you’ll need to consider before buying; propane  tak-trap  and the octonal.

What Customers Are Saying?

“Saw items like this at Lowers for over 700 bucks but found this one with great reviews. Shipping was fast and the wife put it together with no problems since I was out of town.”

Dramatically reduces mosquitoes

90% of the mosquitoes that bite you live within 100 yards of where you are when you get bit. The other 10% are brought in by the wind (most mosquitoes do not migrate, thank goodness!). Because mosquitoes cannot detect your carbon dioxide beyond 100 yards you place the Defender more than 100 yards from where you are. As the females are lured to the trapper they are killed, the baby mosquitoes aren’t born, and bam! the breeding cycle in that area is interrupted and greatly decreased.

How many mosquitoes are caught varies greatly, depending on how badly your area is infested and how well the Mosquito Trapper is placed in your area. The recommendation, which we whole-heartedly agree with, is to place the device near where the mosquitoes rest (bushes) and where they breed (standing water), and most definitely NOT near your family and/or guests. If it’s too close to people then the mosquitoes get confused and come after you as much as they do the Defender. By keeping the device away from your family and/or guests you’ll keep the mosquitoes away as well!


So, now you have gone through the best mosquito trapper reviews, pick the best mosquito trap the fits your need. Also, make sure to share your experience in the comment section below. This would help other readers to make a wise decision.