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15 Best Architects In Pakistan

Best Architects in Pakistan

What’s In This Article?

Being an architect is not as easy as it seems, it needs lots of hard work and creativity. Actually, architecture is a profession that helps to visualize your home before it builds. Our land Pakistan is full of creative and talented people who are portraying the good picture of Pakistan worldwide via their work. Today, in this article we are revealing the top 30 best architects in Pakistan whom you would like to work. Let’s get into the ranker countdown:


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10 Best Legendary Architects In Pakistan:


1. Nayyar Ali Dada – (Nayyar Ali Dada and Associated – Lahore)

His is included among the legendary architects in Pakistan. According to Muslim world illustrated dictionary, he is the one who brings modern architecture in Pakistan. Nayyar Ali Dada also included among the best architects in Lahore. Some of his feature details are:

Awards & Recognition:

  • Agha Khan Award in 1998.
  • Pride of Performance award in 1992.


  • Grand Jama Mosque located in Bahria town-Karachi.
  • Gaddafi Stadium located in Lahore.
  • Lahore Zoo.