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Being an architect is not as easy as it seems, it needs lots of hard work and creativity. Actually, architecture is a profession that helps to visualize your home before it builds. Our land Pakistan is full of creative and talented people who are portraying the good picture of Pakistan worldwide via their work. Today, in this article we are revealing the top 30 best architects in Pakistan whom you would like to work. Let’s get into the ranker countdown:


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10 Best Legendary Architects In Pakistan:

1Nayyar Ali Dada – (Nayyar Ali Dada and Associated – Lahore)

best architects in Pakistan

His is included among the legendary architects in Pakistan. According to Muslim world illustrated dictionary, he is the one who brings modern architecture in Pakistan. Nayyar Ali Dada also included among the best architects in Lahore. Some of his feature details are:

Awards & Recognition:

  • Agha Khan Award in 1998.
  • Pride of Performance award in 1992.


  • Grand Jama Mosque located in Bahria town-Karachi.
  • Gaddafi Stadium located in Lahore.
  • Lahore Zoo.

2Habib Fida Ali (1935 – 2017)

top architects in Pakistan

Habib Fida Ali is one of the most pioneer architects in Pakistan. He also earned the title of “ARCHITECT OF PAKISTAN” due to his tireless effort for the architecture industry. He started his company in the year of 1965 and till now his team contributed in many projects. Some of his details are:

Awards & Recognition:

  • Agha Khan Award in 1986.


  • Shell House – won the first prize in 1976.
  • SNGPL Head office located in Karachi.
  • Memon Medical Institute located in Karachi.

3Yasmeen Lari (Best Female Architects In Pakistan)

best architects in lahore

4Ar. Misbah Najmi (1944 – 2009)

5Zayd Bilgrami, Akeel Bilgrami, Ahsen Najmi & Sarah Bilgrami

architects in pakistan

6Shahid Abdulla

architects in pakistan

Every new architect has a dream to work with Arshad Shahid Abdulla at the beginning of his/her career. He is one of the finest and creative architects in Karachi. He set a benchmark by designing the tallest building of Karachi known as “Icon Tower – Bahria Town”. Some of his details are:

Awards & Recognition:

  • IAP Excellence award in 2016-2017.


  • Icon Tower located in Karachi.
  • MCB Tower located in Karachi.
  • Sapphire outlets all over Pakistan.

7Hammad Husain

architects in Pakistan

Hammad Husain is another legendary architects in Pakistan, who started his career in 1995 after completing his graduation from METU. He was involved in the project of “Pervaiz Musharrd Farm House” in the year of 2004 along with his entire team.


  • Pervaiz Musharrd Farm House.
  • Army officers Mess.
  • Bridges Design located in Slovenia.

8Arif Hasan (First Architects In Pakistan Earned Hilal-E-Imtiaz)

architects in Pakistan

Arif Hasan is another legendary architect in Pakistan. He earned the highest citizen award of Pakistan which is “Hilal-e-Imtiaz” due to his tireless contribution for Pakistan. He returned to Karachi after completion of his studies and started his company in 1968. Some of his details are:

Awards & Recognition:

  • Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Pakistans Highest Citizen Award in 2001
  • Best Building Development Award by Karachi Development Authority in 1983
  • Japan Shelterless memorial award in 1990
  • Lifetime achievement award in 2003 by IAP Pakistan


  • Thar deep rural development project.
  • Nagarparkar planning project.
  • Orangi Pilot project.
  • Crescent Model School.

9Kausar Bashir Ahmed (1939 – 2006)

10Yawar Jilani (Founder Of Arcop)

architects in pakistan

11Amer Adnan – Amer Adnan Associates

12Mohammad Rizwan – Pixarch

13Landscape Pvt Ltd.

In just a short span of time, this company earned valuable feedbacks from clients due to their exceptional services. They deal in complete solution from design to construction for the ease of people. Some of their projects are:


  • Q-Mobile warehouse visualization.
  • Glaxosmith office located in Karachi.
  • Habib university rooftop terrace garden.

14Salman Javed, Mustafa Mehdi & Bilal Kapadia – Coalesce

Coalesce is an emerging architectural firm in Pakistan that was established in 2007 by three of his founders. This company involves in architecture, interior, planning & landscaping projects throughout Pakistan. Some of his projects are:


  • Chop Chop Wok Interior located in Karachi.
  • Master Celeste Interior located in Karachi.
  • Ginsoy restaurant located in Lahore.

15Consterior (Emerging Best Architects In Pakistan

Consterior is one of the best architectural firm located in Karachi. This company was started in the year of 2014 and till now completed several remarkable residential projects of various clients. They offer architectural, interior, 3D, construction & engineering services to their clients. Some of their projects are:


  • Heritage Shop Located in Lucky One Mall.
  • Prime Contractor of Naya Nazimabad Scheme located in Karachi.
  • Shopping Mall in Gujranwala.



Conclusion Of Architects In Pakistan:

The architectural industry of Pakistan is full of amazing talents that are listed worldwide. This “Architects In Pakistan” list will be updated on a monthly basis to add more architects based on their work and popularity among people.